Is your Christmas tree already up?

Bugger 12 days before Christmas, our tree is up already. It has less to do with any Christmas significance, and more because when it was raining a few days ago and the girls couldn't go outside, we had to give them something to do (apparently a house already full of toys is not entertaining enough).

After a brief discussion as to whether it's the white or green tree that goes up this year, I (surprisingly) won and the white one went up.


It's  a great time of the year. We've bought the girls advent calendars which they can start using from 1 December. Once again, for them it's not really about a countdown to Christmas, it merely means a guaranteed chocolate every morning when they pop open another day on them.

As a kid I was also brought up leaving chocolate digestive biscuits and a glass of milk for Santa, so we'll be doing that again this year. The only problem is, even though I'm not a biscuit guy, I love choc digestives... so we'll be buying a few extra packets.

There is something so magical about Christmas and I still have my postcard I received from Santa back in 1977...


So here's wishing you a festive lead up to Christmas and may December be a jolly month!

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My book is out soon. Here is the trailer...

I literally mean a "trailer"!  When I was growing up in England, I lived in a trailer park...


My autobiography is almost finished! The manuscript has been written and edited. The cover has been designed and the blurb at the back has been put together. Yesterday I was selecting photographs to go in the middle. "Beyond the Baldness" on shelves in time for Christmas. 

Speaking of Christmas, it's hard to believe that it's just 2 months away. My girls are already asking about when they are getting a new video from Father Christmas. Each year "he sends them one". Actually, it's from a great website called The site goes ready to produce videos sometime in November and they do a fantastic job of it. Here is Alyssa's from last year:

It's well worth leaving your email address on their website and they'll let you know when their 2015 Christmas portal is up and running! 

When it comes to Christmas gifts, this may be one worth considering... a NutriBullet. I received one yesterday and am giving it a test for a few days to evaluate it's practicality and usefulness. What I do like about it already, compared to normal juicers, this one retains all the pulp and fibre that is needed. I'll write a blog about it in a few days. 


Thanks for popping onto my blog! Chat soon! 

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Don't judge me... but our tree is up!

Being British, I was always brought up knowing it snowed at Christmas time. Staying true to my roots I've been trying to convince Nicole for the entire 10 years we've been together that we should have a white Christmas tree, but each year it lands up being green... until now!

Thanks to the movie Frozen (I never thought I would say that), Nicole is now in love with everything snowy, so on Saturday we bought a white tree (by the way, as they're not as popular and there's less stock, they cost almost 30% more than a green one).

Whilst shopping though, Alyssa fell asleep and to customers, looked like part of the shop display...


When we got home (and Alyssa had woken up), they decided the tree had to go up straight away. Hell, if Checkers can do it in October, we can do it in November.


I also didn't mind, because the tree (and new lights because you need white cables) cost a fortune, so I'm maximising the exposure/rand ratio. It's all about economics.

Nicole then decided to bring out all the other decorations too...



Did I mention I'm Jewish by birth?

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Last show for the year

It's that time of the year again. I LOVE Christmas. It is a little like groundhog day in our house though, because every year I try and justify to my wife why I think we should have a white Christmas tree, but she always wins (with everything) and it's a green one again. Nevertheless I can't wait for my girls to get excited about Father Christmas coming. We'll be sure to leave mile and cookies for him on Christmas Eve.

It also means it's time for the last KIA Take40sa for 2013. Tomorrow I count down the 40 biggest songs of the year in South Africa, give away R80 000, and I also have a t-shirt and 4 postcards personally signed by the boys of One Direction to give away. It's going to be a big one!

I'll be back doing my blogs and radio shows early in January 2014.

Thank you so much for your support, both on this blog, and my radio shows. It's much appreciated!
Here's wishing you and your family a great festive season. Bye for now!
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The stache is off and the tree is up

I spent the weekend at the Berg River in Paarl with 94.5KFM's Big Chill. Thanks to everyone that came and camped out for 2 nights to enjoy KFM's hospitality. I had a great time with listeners and also catching up with colleagues who I only get to see a few times a year because I do most of my shows from Johannesburg.

But ultimately I couldn't wait to get home, especially when Nicole sent me a photo of my daughter...

We always put up the Christmas tree early in December and this is the first year Tayla-Jean REALLY has got into the whole Santa vibe. She was in her element decorating our 2 metre high tree:

While the trees decorations went on the tree, we were also celebrating my Movember moustache coming off:

I feel a good decade younger again! Speaking of young, I'm back in Cape Town next weekend as I'm doing my show from the launch of 1D World at the V&A Waterfront. If you're not into One Direction (the group), you wouldn't know what it is, but it's the ultimate fan pop up store that will be attracting thousands of young groupies. It's going to be absolute chaos... and it's great that their record label wants my chart show, the KIA Take40SA, to officially open the month long event.
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A personalised message from Santa Claus

I remember being a small kid, writing to the North Pole, and getting a reply back from Father Christmas himself (thank you British Post office). 

Still believing in Santa Claus is a magical moment in every kids life, so I've come across a website that I had to share with you if you have young kids. 

The website enables you to send a personalized video greeting to your child from Santa himself! Best of all, to create the video and view it online is free. They charge you a few dollars if you want to download a high definition copy to your hard drive. Here's the one I created for Tayla-Jean:

They have a large database of kids names, but didn't have Tayla-Jean (what would the odds be!), so I had to get Santa to say "Taylor", but she's too small to worry about that. In fact, I got Santa to say how nice she's been towards her sister as a little psychological game of positive reinforcement. She was so excited to get a message from Father Christmas she watched the video 10 times back to back.

You just have to LOVE the spirit of Christmas!
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