What to do with your kids this holiday

Reader warning! Today's blog is for parents of young kids! If you were hoping for a gadget review, you might want to come back tomorrow!

It's school holidays. One of the most pressing questions most parents ask is:" How the hell are we going to keep the kids entertained until school reopens next year!?".

Each morning when we wake up, we try and think of something that will keep them busy for just 2 or 3 hours to break the routine of always doing the SAME thing at home (or at the local coffee shop that has a jungle gym).

Well here's a suggestion for you: Build-a-Bear.

We took Tayla-Jean and Alyssa to the store in Sandton City on Sunday morning and it landed up being lots of fun... and killed 1.5 hours of the morning!

The whole premise is the experience of creating and making your own bear so that it "comes to life". It starts with choosing the bear body. My girls are into Frozen, so they chose the Elsa and Arna bear.


Then, you choose what the bear should say (it's speech box).


After that, you need to fill the bear with stuffing. The kids push a pedal to get the machine to shoot the foam inside as if it's the ultimate enema:


Then a little bit of magic happens. As it's all about the experience, each child is given a small foam heart, and there's a little ritual the kids have to do to bring it to life, before placing it inside the bear.

Off to the bear parlour for a little bit of grooming (considering the critter has just had a major operation):


From there, it's clothing the bear. And there's a LOT to chose from!


My girls stuck with the Frozen theme, picked the clothes, and dressed their bears:


The end result: a lot of time keeping the kids entertained. In fact, the parents get quite involved too. I never thought it would be such a tough decision choosing which knickers the bears should wear.

And then my girls had 2 new friends they got to take home:


Even the bear's "box house" is quite clever. Tayla-Jean spent most of Sunday afternoon colouring it in:


All in all, a great opportunity for mums and dads to spend a bit of quality play time with their kids. Well worth doing if you have a Build a Bear near you.

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