Beyond the Baldness - Fighting Back

About 2 months ago a publisher got in touch with me and asked to meet for a cup of coffee. She knew my story of overcoming cancer and heart disease and felt it would make for an interesting motivational book.

The idea quickly expanded to a full autobiography. My question to her was "Who would want to read my story?". To my surprise, she feels quite a few people.

This is no Oscar Pistorius book and probably won't land up on the Exclusive Books top 10 list.  Sure, I had an upbringing with a few challenges, but who hasn't. I grew up in a trailer (not a Venter trailer, but one of those Kansas Tornado types.


When trying to get onto radio I got turned down by so many stations, even Pick n Pay Hyper turned me down as an in-store announcer.

I'm now probably about a third way through writing the book and onto the hardest part. When I turned 22 my mum died and I became an instant dad to my 8 year old brother. Living in a 1 bedroomed flat in Hillbrow, the book is a story of survival, overcoming odds, and my anecdotal journey into radio as well as hosting some of the biggest TV shows in SA.

The book is a personal journey that will hopefully inspire anyone reading it to not just follow their dreams, but chase them. 

"Beyond the Baldness - Fighting Back" is due out in October 2015.

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