Okay purple blob, you're done.

My little angel Alyssa had her 2nd birthday party yesterday and she had the time of her life. She is Barney mad, so no guesses what the theme was...


The party was going to be at our home, but my wife never anticipated everyone RSVP'ing! Whilst we loved having ALL our friends and kids over (this translated into about 30 kids and 50 adults), we simply couldn't accommodate everyone in our garden, which you can mow simply by using scissors, so we had to make a quick change of venue and had it at her folk's place.

We hired in a jumping castle and something called Clamber Club, where these guys do fun obstacle courses for the kids (they loved it):


But I think it's the cake all kids love the most...


Kids parties are always exhausting, especially when it's your own kids, so by the end of the afternoon we returned to our humble abode and collapsed... Tayla-Jean and Alyssa were like energiser bunnies though as they were still buzzing after eating chocolate and sweets all day!

Thanks to everyone who came to the party... and to my neighbour Wayne who lent us his Barney cut-out wall!

Sorry Barney, this WAS your year, but next year you'll be replaced with fairies or princesses. I better start saving now...
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A lot of screaming

The last 24 hours has seen a lot of screaming.

Yesterday I took my 2 girls to the Barney concert at the Dome and when he came out the place absolutely erupted. Yes, in case you want to know, he sang all his big hits and ended off with "I love you".

We were fortunate enough to be able to go backstage after the show where Tayla-Jean gave him a card she had made for him ... surprisingly he didn't say much :).

Of course Dad had to be uncool and take a selfie...

Thanks to Warren and the team at the Mamma Magic Expo for making it happen.  Here's another pic with our friend Nicole and Skyela:

And from screaming toddlers to screaming teenagers. One Direction eventually confirmed their concert dates in South Africa early next year.  I'm SO glad it's now official, because I've been saying for weeks on air that its confirmed... at least now Directioners know I wasn't bullshitting!

Have a great Monday!
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